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Agent Factory Vision

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The renaissance of modern machine learning and AI technology has been going on for a while now – large data sets, virtually limitless computing power (read: cloud) and the ever-growing hunger for monetizing data has been fueling this trend. Several technology companies have been able to master this beast and leverage it to push their bottom lines, but where does it leave all others?

While the pace of moving cutting edge research from academia to the hands of practitioners have increased significantly (partly because key researchers play roles in tech companies and partly due to open source software being embraced), putting the technology into use still requires high levels of expertise and experience.

So why is that a problem?

The limited set of people and companies that can leverage this technology means that it is being put to use in a set of narrow scenarios that mainly serves their business needs – be it figuring out what ads to show us, which product to recommend or how to render a picture of us with bunny ears (I acknowledge the latter is neat!). Even when more serious problems are tackled, the solution remains part of these companies ‘secret sauce’ and never reach the rest.

After spending years of working in the AI space, it became clear to us that building solutions that address real business problems is the preferred way of getting AI value to businesses (rather than providing another platform, tool-set, or algorithm and leave it for others to deliver a solution).

Fundamentally, it means partnering with the business, harnessing cutting-edge technology and delivering solutions that impact the business results. These solutions are well-engineered and designed so that they can address the same problem for different businesses and potentially delivered as self-served, cloud based SAAS.

We believe AI Agents are key to delivering such solutions, given their agility and robustness in dealing with assigned tasks and the unexpected. Leveraging cutting-edge research, tools and platforms, we are committed to deliver AI Agents to tackle your business challenges and help you take you business to the next level – We are the Agent Factory!

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