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Smart Logistics with Seamless Integration

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Increased customer demand for rapid delivery and enhanced competition in the logistics industry has caused many companies to consider automating their warehouses. Fully automated warehouses, backed by AI, are everywhere in the media, but the truth is that these fully automated warehouses are very expensive, and require companies to completely overhaul their working procedures and hire employees with a new skill sets. Most businesses, not willing to do such an overhaul in their warehouses, would actually want a solution that gradually improves their automation ability in a way that integrates with their existing workflows, with minimal interference to ongoing work procedures.

We at Agent Factory aim to bring state-of-the-art AI technology to business problems, even to small and medium-sized businesses that are currently shut out of such products. To achieve such a goal, Agent Factory  collaborates  with Microsoft to enable Smart Logistics solutions with advanced 3D vision technologies.

In a recent deployment, we provided Aleh-Aleh, a producer and distributor of fresh agricultural products, with a freight tracking solution that seamlessly integrates into their logistics operations. Aleh-Aleh aims to minimize farm-to-table delivery time to less than 48 hours, requiring precise operations, and any inconsistency will interfere with their bottom line. Our solution allows Aleh-Aleh to track and register the amount and volume of every piece of product coming into their warehouse’ chilling area.

Agent Factory’s solution is using Microsoft’s Azure Kinect 3-D camera that produces RGB and depth images. These images are processed using computer vision, AI and specialized depth analysis algorithms to identify and measure freight on top of moving forklifts at 15 frames per second. Doing so, while forklifts are going into the chilling area without the need to stop or even slow down.

The AI-based solution tracks each forklift as it comes in or out of the chilling area, identifies the best position in which to measure the freight and differentiates between full and empty forklift runs. The measurement results are uploaded to the cloud and are available within seconds.

Once installed, our solution works seamlessly with minimal need for on premise handling. Utilizing Microsoft Azure IoT Edge platform allows for remote management of the installed device, with a tight integration into the Azure cloud platform. This hybrid approach allows initial processing to be performed on premise in order to save bandwidth, with only a single image per forklift trip uploaded to the cloud for the precise measurement algorithm. A web-based interface allows customers to track daily and hourly freight movements,

compare amount

and volume of traffic to the historical average, look at individual captures with the annotated volume measurements, and audit movements which were classified as non-freight in order to capture wrong classifications.

In summary, Agent Factory’s smart logistics solution reduces the complexity and costs compared with existing solutions, the system is easily deployed and measurements are performed on the fly and available in the cloud within seconds, without interfering with warehouse workflow.

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